About Us

Pradhan Nursery foundation was laid by Late Mr. D.C. Sharma, in the year 1982. With the dream of turning vision into reality for local Government and Corporate client, Mr Sharma brought in the expertise of Landscape and Architectural designers. The team understood the impact of urban surrounding on the people who live, work and play there. The team worked with the vision and abundant enthusiasm in creating urban spaces that made people feel good. Several nominations, winning of 12 awards and numerous verbal appreciation from our clients and people living/working/playing on our designed landscape boosted the team to strive for satisfaction of each and every client.

In this time, we gained a wealth of experience and a unique insight into the industry. Further, we engaged ourselves in Manpower outsource services in the commercial and corporate sectors. Manpower like Housekeeping, Security, landscape maintenance temporary or contract staffing services including building maintenance services, residential maintenance services, corporate housekeeping services, etc.

We strive to provide the client exactly what they require; and hence each contract is tailor-made to suit your preferences. Our sole intention is to make your life simpler so you can concentrate on your real job!


“Focus on your core competency.
Leave the rest to us.”

Our objective is to create, install and maintain all your non-core activities so that you remain focused on what you do best. Your core business. We understand the needs behind a specific requirement and ensure that it is implemented and delivered on time and budget. Our key strengths are operational agility, flawless execution and consistently delivery. So that you get the highest quality of service.

Pradhan Nursery is not only a nursery:

  • Member of All India Rose Society
  • Govt Contractor
  • Civil Work
  • Housekeeping
  • Farm Landscaping & Layout Specialist
  • Commercial Plantations Consultant
  • Horticulture Development and Maintenance Work
  • Golf Course Development and Maintenance


Our endeavors are directed towards achieving excellence which is a never ending process in our organization. In our array of services, we are committed to offer total customer satisfaction with complete reliability and assurance. In our methodology towards offering best services to our clients, we work in tandem with our expertise and efficient resources to be able to deliver the services as per client’s requirements.

We are in residential housekeeping services, office housekeeping services, commercial housekeeping services and weekly housekeeping services, to people holding important offices, corporate buildings, group housing societies and malls. We make sure that all the personnel recruited by us are efficient enough to offer excellent housekeeping services to our clients.

We offer a full spectrum of contract staffing services and temporary staffing services for both short-term assignments as well as long-term projects. Our proven recruitment, assessment and selection processes mean we’ll not only find you the number of candidates you need, but the right candidate at the right time. Our customers will have the facility to staff up or down quickly and cost-effectively as workload changes.

We also provide personnel’s on our pay rolls to save you the headache of hiring staff, union problems, etc. Our temporary staffing services allow our clients to make the right decision for hiring the right staff from the temporary list. This also helps to create a healthy and competitive environment at the workplace .