“We provide solutions with maintenance for operating buildings effectively and efficiently”.

Enhancing asset value facilities management is a concept gaining acceptance as it is critical to maintaining and enhancing asset values of properties. Our services in this category includes office maintenance services, house maintenance services, residential building maintenance, corporate building maintenance services, professional manpower management, engineering as well as other equipment management and other allied managing facilities. In addition to this, we also undertake minor repair, which are essential to maintain properties to international standards. Our services caters to the requirements of malls, group housing societies, corporate buildings and important offices.

Why Pradhan Nursery?

All systems and processes in Pradhan Nursery are designed to achieve the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness through Innovative approaches and integration of trained resources, state of art equipment, eco friendly cleaning products and proven processes. The results are a superior quality performance levels while adding tangible business benefits and value to the ecosystem.

Our expertise and experience in providing the best in class commercial cleaning services 24/7 -365 days extend to all facility types – IT parks , Campuses , Commercial Offices, Factories, Hotels, Banks & Financial Institutions, Academic and Research institutions, Sports Stadiums, Warehouses or in fast moving environments like Shopping Malls, Retail outlets, Multiplexes or Airports.

Service Standards:-

Basic Standard

Maintain at all times in good condition – office areas, service areas, public areas, utility areas, fire exits, stairways, basements, lifts, car parking and external areas.

Prestige Standard

High standard of cleanliness and appearance at all times including maintaining higher floor gloss levels – VIP board rooms, VIP Pantry, Reception areas, Lobbies and Top Management floors etc.

Hygiene Standard

Areas where a high hygiene standard is mandatory –Hospitals, sterile areas, toilets, kitchens, cafeteria, pantry, vending areas, first aid rooms, Waste bins, hidden surfaces, hinges, underside of workstations etc. to be maintained free of dirt, stains, waste matter, watermarks and scale using appropriate cleaning and sanitizing materials.